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The 1-Hour Redesign Ritual

Spend your first hour each day nourishing the life you want.

What you do upon awakening sets the tone for how you will experience the rest of your day. Those first 60 minutes have a profound effect on how you will think, feel and act during for the following hours.

Think about the morning routine you practice now. Maybe you begin your day with activities like brushing your teeth, making your bed, checking email, watching the news or enjoying a cup of coffee. Or perhaps you start by exercising, showering, cooking breakfast or preparing your children for school. These activities may be necessary and important but how do they support the development of your dreams?

Every dream, large or small, began as an idea…a thought seed…that existed in someone’s mind until it took form. Your dreams are no different. They are simply ideas awaiting your consistent focused attention and cultivation. In time your dreams will become your reality. This is a universal law.

The 1-hour Redesign Ritual is a morning routine that serves a higher purpose. It is a series of eight activities dedicated to feeding your dreams during your first waking hour to ensure that your vision shapes and colors the rest of your day. It’s meant to empower you and bring focused attention to your best life…the life you dream of. It brings nourishment to your idea of the life you want and the things you envision for yourself. This morning practice will strengthen, encourage and propel you toward the fulfillment of your dreams when practiced daily!

Wake up an hour earlier every day and invest in your dreams by intentionally spending a few minutes on each of these empowering activities.

No phones.

If you start your day by checking emails and social media posts you will hijack your attention and disrupt your morning ritual. Make the first hour of your day a “no phone zone.” Do not use your phone unless you need it to listen to your recorded affirmations or an inspirational message.

Drink water.

When you are asleep, your body slowly becomes dehydrated because it needs fluid to operate. One of the best things you can do when you wake up is to drink at least 16 oz. of water. Your brain is made mostly of water so drinking it helps to improve your concentration and balance your mood.

Practice stillness.

Just a few minutes of stillness and quiet can help relax your mind and body. Quiet reflection, prayer or meditation will bring you a sense of calm and clarity so you can envision what you want to create.

Visualize your dreams.

High achievers and experts in many fields use visualization to enhance their performance. When you hold an image in your mind’s eye for as little as 30 seconds you create a powerful energy that attracts what you want. When you practice visualizing your dreams as already real you are accelerating the realization of those dreams.

Practice feeling gratitude.

Science has proven that when you take a few moments to focus on what you feel thankful for you significantly increase your sense of happiness and well-being. Practicing gratitude also helps to expand your vision to see more to appreciate in the world around you.

Read or listen to your affirmations.

Create affirming statements that inspire you and remind you to focus your attention on your vision. Read, or record these statements and listen daily. Affirmations are a positive, powerful tool to keep you encouraged and motivated toward your dream.

Read or listen to something that inspires you.

Inspiration awakens you to new possibilities by allowing you to go beyond your ordinary experiences and limitations. Inspiration propels you from what’s normal to infinite possibilities! Inspiration has a major effect on your life’s outcome when you activate it daily.

Act on your creative impulses.

Your creativity is your guide on the road to fulfilling your dreams. When you follow your creative impulses, you are allowing your inner being to direct you to new places of self-discovery. It is there you will find the resources, thoughts, and ideas that guide you to the right actions to support the manifestation of your dreams.

Cina Sherriff is an intuitive transformational coach, teacher and writer who is dedicated to helping others transform. She teaches others how to make changes in their lives by changing what they believe about themselves. For more about Cina:

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