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The Full Moon Money Manifestation Ritual

The Full Moon is the perfect time to transform our money mindset and to expand our powers to manifest abundance. During the Full Moon, you can connect with the Divine energies abundantly available to magically obtain wealth consciousness. The Full Moon provides a sacred opportunity to do a Money Manifestation ritual to attract more wealth and good fortune into your life.

First...Begin your ritual by inviting the sacred in. Call in your spirit guides, ancestors, angels, archangels or whatever you hold sacred. You can also light a candle or ring a bell to acknowledge the divine presence. Take a sheet of paper and fold it in half, lengthwise. Write your old limiting beliefs on one side and your new empowering beliefs on the other side. Cut your paper in half separating the old beliefs from the new. Give loving attention to your old beliefs. Honor them for the ways they have served you. Thank them for how far they have brought you.

Then, symbolically release those old beliefs by burning that half of your paper, tearing it into pieces and scattering it or by burying it. Make this statement as you release those old limiting beliefs of lack and poverty: “I am free. All of my resistance to receiving more wealth has dissolved in total grace. These beliefs no longer serve me. I bless and release them, and invite money and wealth into my life now."

Second...Gather your list of new positive beliefs, all of the cash and coins that you have, and your debit cards. Hold your cash in your hands with your highest dollar bill on top and start talking. Tell your money how much you care about it, and how good you feel when you have large amounts of money in your wallet and in your bank accounts. Simply act as if your cash, coins, and cards are your good friends. Hold them all in your hands and say: “I love you. Thank you for being here. I am grateful for you and for what I have because of you and I invite more of you as abundance, riches and wealth into my life right now.”

Open your front door. Stand at the threshold, facing out, and say or think these words: “I now open the door to wealth. I invite in blessings, luxury, and abundance. I allow wealth to flow freely and generously in my life. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!”

Third...Practice speaking affirming and empowering thoughts to your money. Create a money affirmation that rhymes. Rhymes and poems are easier to remember and repeat. Say your affirmation every time you purchase something, pay a bill, give and receive money and while doing anything related to money. My money affirmation is: “Praise God from whom all blessings flow, my prosperity continues to grow. The money I spend returns to me, prosperity circles endlessly." Feel free to use mine or create your own.

End your ritual with an expression of gratitude for the transformation that has just taken place, or by blowing out your candle or ringing a bell. Place the half of your paper with your new empowering beliefs where you can see it often. Celebrate yourself and the new prosperous life that is beginning for you right now!

You have the power to design and manifest anything you want! As an intuitive transformational coach, I love helping others, re-design themselves and their lives from the inside out.

Cina Sherriff

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