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 Redesign Your Stressed-Out Mind Ebook


21 Day Redesign Your Mind™

Are you ready to jumpstart your transformation? For 21 days you will receive in your inbox lessons containing exercises and tools, based on the Redesign Your Mind™ Process, to help you release those beliefs that are stressing you out!


You will:

*Identify the core beliefs that are the source of the stress you are experiencing in your life.

*Learn to gently and intentionally convert limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs!

*Receive tools and processes to anchor those new beliefs.

*Shift your thinking and begin to create a life that you’d really love!


Redesign Your Mind™

3 Week Transformational Coaching Program

Once a week, for 3 weeks, you will receive a 1-hour, one-on-one coaching session to transform the limiting beliefs that are blocking you from experiencing the life you want.

Each week will focus on one of the three pillars of the Redesign Your Mind™ Process.

Week 1. Awareness

You will identify what you really want and the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that are getting in your way. Once you become aware of those limiting beliefs you will create a new empowering belief story.

Week 2. Activation

You will activate your redesign, or set your new beliefs in motion. You will learn thought re-conditioning tools and processes to help clear away those stubborn limiting beliefs.

Week 3. Action

You will focus on creating a Redesign Ritual, or self-management system, to anchor your new empowering beliefs and to successfully accomplish your redesign and attract the life you want!


Redesign Your Money Mindset

When you think of money how does it make you feel? Do you feel relaxed in the belief that money is plentiful and constantly flowing towards you? Or, does the mere thought of money stress you out? Do you believe that money is hard to get and even harder to hold on to?


These are very important questions to reflect on, especially if you are experiencing stress and worry around money. What you think and feel shapes what you believe, what you believe drives which actions you take and the actions you take create your reality. So, if you want to improve your financial situation you must be willing to uncover those dangerous thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that are in between you and the money you desire. More



Redesign Your Mind™

Workshop (TBA)

Are your thoughts and feelings promoting the peace and joy that you want to experience? If you’ve answered “no”, then you may be ready for the Redesign for Your Mind™ Workshop.

During this workshop you will dive deep into self-exploration using writing, music, mindfulness, and movement to get to the root of those limiting beliefs that have been unconsciously directing undesirable behaviors and experiences in your life and ways to transform them to create a life that you'd love!

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I help women change their lives by changing what they believe about themselves.

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