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Updated: Mar 4, 2022

When you think of money how does it make you feel? Do you feel relaxed in the belief that money is plentiful and constantly flowing towards you? Or, does the mere thought of money stress you out? Do you believe that money is hard to get and even harder to hold on to?

These are very important questions to reflect on, especially if you are experiencing stress and worry around money. What you think and feel shapes what you believe, what you believe drives which actions you take, and the actions you take create your reality. So, if you want to improve your financial situation you must be willing to uncover those dangerous thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are keeping you broke.

Dangerous Belief #1 – Belief that Rich Equals Bad

Read these statements below. If any of them seem true to you then you may be suffering from this very dangerous belief.

· Money is the root of all evil

· You have to use or take advantage of others to be prosperous

· The rich are not as spiritual

· It’s not right to have a lot when others have so little

· Having too much money means you are greedy

· Striving for wealth creates stress and health problems

· Money kills creativity and artistic endeavors

· Rich people are not happy

Money is not good or evil; it is simply a currency, a form of exchange. However, the way a person chooses to use money can be. There are good, bad, happy and sad rich people just as there are good, bad, happy and sad poor people! You must decide what you are choosing for yourself and begin to think, feel and act accordingly! The results could lead to more money and fewer financial woes!

Dangerous Belief # 2 - Belief in Lack of Deservedness and Poor Self Worth

Check out the following statements and notice if any of them resonate with you, but if the shoe fits please stop wearing it!

• I’m not “good enough” to be more prosperous

• People like me don’t get rich

• I’m not good with money

• If I ever got a lot of money I’d probably blow it

• I’m not (smart, educated, young, old, etc) enough to have more wealth

• I’m a good “giver” but not a good “receiver”

• If I try to have more money and don’t succeed, I’ll feel like a failure

You can create whatever “financial success” means to you. There may be challenges along the way but there are plenty of examples of successful people from all walks of life that have overcome obstacles and reached their financial goals. When it comes to financial wealth, the difference between those that succeed and those that don’t can typically be linked to their core beliefs about money and to their feelings of deservedness.

Dangerous Belief # 3 - Belief in Blame

If you’ve ever thought or said anything similar to these statements you may be suffering financially from this belief.

• It’s too hard to get more money because of (the government, the economy, my job, my parents, my children, God and etc.)

• The extremely wealthy keeps the rest of us from getting ahead

If someone else is the blame for your lack of finances then you are playing the role of a victim. Often, playing the victim is an excuse to avoid taking responsibility for your own financial well-being. As long as you believe in blame you will not be able to see the many options that can lead to improving your finances. Decide to let go of that victim mindset and take responsibility for creating your own wealth.

Dangerous Beliefs # 4 - Belief in Justifications

Check out these statements and if any of them stick, peel them off!

• Striving for wealth is too much work and a struggle

• A lot of money is too much responsibility

• Money isn’t really that important

• It takes money to make money

• I don’t have enough money to manage it

• If I have love, health and happiness, I don’t really need money

• God can only determine whether I am rich, poor, or middle class

If you believe that you can explain or defend why you are broke then I can guarantee that you will not prosper. Why? Because if you believe that not enough money is justifiable then to have more money would only feel wrong! Shift those beliefs to justify that you deserve to have an abundant life.

Dangerous Beliefs # 5 - Belief in OPS (Other People’s Stuff)

These beliefs revolve around what other people may think or feel. Are any of them familiar to you?

• If I have more money everyone will want something from me

• If I get wealthy certain people won’t like it, or me

• It’s not right for me to be prosperous if my (family, friends, parents, etc.) aren’t

• If I have a lot of money people will think I’m (different, showy, selfish, etc.)

The truth is, other people may treat you or perceive you differently if you have more money. It’s not uncommon for people to project their own feelings around money and self worth onto you. However, it’s not your job to stay broke in support of other people’s issues. If those around you are unable to rejoice in your financial successes then you may want to consider surrounding yourself with people who can.

Decide today to trade in those beliefs that are keeping you broke for beliefs about money that serve your best interests in order to help you to achieve your financial goals. It’s not intelligence or education that keeps you from achieving whatever wealth is for you, it’s those limiting beliefs around money and yourself that perpetuate poverty in a world of abundance. If you want to change your financial situation then it’s time to change the way you think about money.

Are You Ready for a Re-Design?

You have the power to design and create the financial life you want! As an intuitive transformational coach, I love helping others Redesign their money mindset.

In my Redesign Your Money Mindset ™ program you will learn to identify, forgive and release those limiting beliefs around money that are blocking your prosperity. Start today and begin to create a life that you’d love!

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