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11-One Minute Self Love Strategies

By Cina Sherriff

You’re busy! You have a lot to do personally and professionally. Your life is filled with other, people, stuff and things to do and it’s sometimes overwhelming! But, you are ready for change. You believe that you can transform yourself and create the life that you desire. You have accepted that self love is the path to healing and are ready to commit to loving yourself more but, it feels like something else being I feel you! I have struggled with the concept of self- love for years! For me, self-love had to be a grand gesture, something elaborate and powerful to transform my life filled with more self-sacrifices than self-love. But I was ready for change!

I created a Self-Love list filled with my best ideas of what it would be like if I loved myself more. On it were things like a long, hot bath in lavender oil with candles and soft music, a full body massage once a week, and reading a book just for fun. These were all wonderful ideas, but the problem was I seldom had the time to do them! I seldom had the time to do the things on my self-love list because I was too busy taking care of other people, stuff and things in my life.

I realized that I would never have time to love myself unless I changed the way I thought about it. I began to see that self-love is a process, not an occasional, big event! Self-love was about choosing the kindest option for myself in my daily encounters. It was being aware of how people, stuff and things made me feel and about making choices that felt more loving toward me in those moments. I have learned that self-love requires practice and patience. It’s about finding minutes of self-care that can add up to a life of self -nourishment.

I created a new self-love list. This one has simple and easy strategies to practice self-love. So, if you can find just one minute in your busy day, here are 11 ways that you can give yourself a powerful dose of love in just 60 seconds or less!

1. Look into your eyes and say something kind to yourself.

2. Take 3 deep breaths

3. Place something you love where you can see it more often.

4. Acknowledge one success that you’ve had today, then put your hand over your shoulder and give yourself a pat on the back!

5. Drink a glass of water. to your already long “to do” list!

6. Give yourself a sincere compliment about anything about you.

7. Massage your hands and fingers with your favorite lotion for 1 minute.

8. Turn the sound off on your phone, turn away from your computer and be quiet for 1 minute.

9. When asked to do something, respond “Let me think about that for a minute.” And then take one minute to see how it feels in your body before you answer “yes” or “no”.

10. When given a compliment, just say “thank you”. Resist the urge to explain, deflect or give a counter compliment.

11. Take a minute and say “thank you” to yourself for the things that are working in you, and in your life.

As a transformational coach I believe that all people have to power to change, design and create the lives they want!

I love helping who feel overwhelmed re-design themselves and their spaces from the inside out.

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