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100 Day Habit Transformation

You can transform your life by harnessing the energy of the new moon and commit to building one new habit for the next 100 days!

The new moon is all about transformation and moving to the next level. New moons are a time to dig deep, transform, and empower ourselves. They represent the end of one cycle and the beginning of another which gives a burst of energy and initiative. The new moon is an excellent time to turn over a new leaf, reexamine old habits, behaviors, and beliefs and begin something new. New moons are perfect time to transform ourselves by creating a new habit!

“We make our habits then our habits make us”-Amon Sherriff

The difference between the life that you are living now and the life that you dream of are your everyday habits.

Habits are unconscious patterns of routine behavior.

If your daily habits are creating the results you want…awesome! If they are not, then get ready to rumble because habits are routine behaviors that have been repeated so often they are usually performed unconsciously and are difficult to change.

In order to break the shackles of an old habit, you must consciously create a new one by using your willpower and determination, along with lots of repetition. Repetition is the way to make a habit and then the habit makes you!

4 Steps to Conscious Habit Creation

  1. Decide what new habit would have the greatest positive impact on your life right now. For example, beginning an exercise program or eating more vegetables.

  2. Commit to making an effort to start building that habit, preferably on the new moon. Start small, create a plan that's realistic and doable.

  3. Practice the new habit repeatedly for 100 days beginning on the new moon.

  4. If you miss a day or slip up be kind and patient with yourself. Forgive yourself and keep going!

Cina Sherriff is a transformational coach who is constantly transforming. She helps others change their lives by changing what they believe about themselves.

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