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November 15th-19th

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What do you really believe about MONEY?

When you think of money how do you feel? Do you feel relaxed and confident that money is plentiful and constantly flowing towards you? Or, does the mere thought of money stress you out? Do you believe that money is hard to get and even harder to hold on to?


These are important questions to reflect on, especially if you are experiencing stress and worry about money. What you think and feel shapes what you believe, what you believe drives which actions you take, and the actions you take create your reality. So, if you want to improve your financial situation you must be willing to uncover those thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that are between you and the money you desire.


The ReDesign Your Money Mindset ™ contains exercises and tools, based on the Redesign Your Mind™ Process, to help you identify and change those beliefs that are blocking your financial success.


During the five, 0ne-hour classes you will:

*Receive the Redesign Your Money Mindset™ workbook filled with lessons and exercises to guide your process.

*Identify the core limiting beliefs that are the source of your lack mindset and the financial challenges that you are experiencing in your life.

*Learn to gently and intentionally convert limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs!

*Receive tools and processes to anchor those new beliefs.

*Shift your thinking and create a money mindset that matches the financial life you want.


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