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The Redesign Your Mind Workshop

A Fun and Interactive Workshop to Transform Limiting Beliefs

You can expect to...

Our beliefs play a huge part in what we experience in our lives. They are formed from the thoughts that we unconsciously and repeatedly think everyday. We can tell if our beliefs are working for, or against, us by looking at our lives, the people around us and ourselves.


Are your thoughts and feelings promoting the peace and joy that you want to experience? If you’ve answered “no”, then you may be ready for the  Redesign for Your Mind Workshop.

In this workshop you will dive deep into self-exploration using writing, music, mindfulness and movement to get to the root of those limiting beliefs that have been unconsciously directing undesirable behaviors and experiences in your life and ways to transform them to create a life that you'd love!

*Identify the core beliefs that have hindered your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual progression.

*Gently and intentionally convert limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs!

*Create powerful affirmations with a new twist!


*Learn tools and processes to anchor those new beliefs.

*Relax while you Reclaim your personal power!

You can create a life that you'd love!

During this workshop... 

*You will say goodbye to the beliefs that have kept you stuck, stagnant, and disconnected from the inner joy and peace that innately lies within you.

*You will create more empowering beliefs that will better serve you on your journey to living your best life as your best self.

*You will use the accompanying Redesign Your Mind Workbook to record your inner thoughts and reflections as you uncover those hidden thoughts and beliefs and create new empowering ones.

Bring the Redesign Your Mind™ Workshop to Your Organization 

Congratulations and taking a step toward changing your life!

If you are ready for a Redesign and don't know where to begin contact me for a 

FREE 30 minute Coaching Session

Congratualtions! I will be contacting you soon!

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